GRP Manhole Cover

Sino Composite offers customer with excellent quality GRP/FRP manhole cover.
FRP manhole covers are a new type of manhole cover developed to solve the defects of steel and iron manhole covers that are easy to rust and lose, too bulky, and easy to brittle, and to improve their use functions and economic and social benefits.

Advantages of FRP manhole cover
1 Light weight, the weight of the glass steel manhole cover is only 1/4 of the iron cover, and the engineering installation and use of the opening and closing are light and flexible.
2 Good self-locking. The unique constrained connection structure of the glass fiber reinforced plastic round manhole cover and the well seat has a self-locking function to prevent the manhole cover from jumping off the well seat after the car passes by.
3 High strength, the tensile strength of FRP material is equivalent to that of Q235 steel, and the compressive strength is more than twice that of C30X. Its impact resistance, vibration, fatigue, and fracture resistance are better than steel, iron and other materials. 
5 Corrosion resistance, glass fiber reinforced plastic material is naturally corrosion resistant, used as a manhole cover for acid, alkali, salt, sewage and other corrosive medium environments, with technical and economic competitive advantages.

Load Standard
EN124 A15 B125 C250 D400
GRP Manhole Cover Specifications

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