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Efficient and orderly production process is conducive to improving the quality and service life of FRP grating, so we must strictly control every detail problem when making FRP grating, and do everything possible to improve production efficiency and product quality. As a professional manufacturer of FRP grating, we will popularize relevant knowledge in the production process of FRP grating.

(1) set up a complete and practical production and management system for mould;

(2) maintain the consistency and integrity of the mold drawings, processing, and physical data, convenient day after the search;

(3) the administrator should manage the data, manage the process data and manage the drawings and documents.

(4) organize and integrate the information of plan, design, processing, workshop production, human resources and so on, so that we can effectively plan for production and ensure quality delivery as scheduled.

(5) the design and manufacturing cost of each set of moulds must be collected in time, which can not only control the cost of production, but also control the quality.

(6) the establishment of processing technology;

(7) standardize procurement, warehouse and lower production orders, material warehousing, tool loss, delivery management, rationalize material supply chain and prevent production from disjointing.

(8) establish the failure mode and influence analysis library.

(9) according to the customer's requirements and size, produce the mold which meets the requirements of the customer.

(10) regulate the functions of each position, so that people do their job, to prevent more personnel than work available.

(11) the establishment of assessment system, regular training and assessment of related mold design, mold manufacturing personnel, the discovery and training of the backbone of the company's elite team.

(12) to establish a perfect production process to standardize production;

(13) establish the quality inspection department, strictly standardize the testing means, eliminate the "almost" fluke mentality, and ensure the precision of the parts of the mold processing.

The above is the point of attention in the production process of glass steel grille. These factors can be effectively controlled in the production link and the life of grating can be improved and the quality of the grating can be guaranteed.

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