Q: What is Sino-grating ?

A: Sino-grating is a manufacturer and wholesaler, we offering a vast array of grating, metal mesh, handrail products and technical supporting.

Q: What types of services does Sino-grating offer?

A: Sino-grating offers Design Services, all kinds of gratings, expanded metal, wire and perforated mesh, railings and solar photo voltaic bracket, as well as consulting and support services to the safety system of platform and exterior-protected construction .

Q: What is steel grating?

A: Steel grating is made by bearing bar and cross bar through machine welding and other ways of connections. It’s widely used in platform, walkway, drain cover and treads.

Q: What is fiberglass grating?

A: Fiberglass grating (FRP) is made by glass fiber as reinforcing material and unsaturated polyester resin as blank sheet material with special processing and compounding. Fiberglass grating can be used as a structural material in corrosion environment such as walkway, platform, ship deck, stairs, plank etc.. It has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, non magnetic insulation, bright color, and selection of various styles.

Q: What is railing stanchions?

A: Railing stanchions are made of steel pipe and steel ball with welding. Compared with conventional industrial handrail, it’s easy to install and more stable when used.

Q: What kind of machinery is used?

A: Sino-grating has automatic pressure welding machines, CNC machines, punch machines, hole-drilling machines, grinding machines, bender machines, mold beds etc..

Q: How can Sino-grating meet custom specifications and requirements?

A: Sino-grating has experienced engineers and well-trained staffs. We’re willing to listen customer’s need and give our pointed solutions.

Q: What file types can you send us?

A: Any autoCAD files, samples or sample pictures.

Q: How to contact Sino-grating?

A: You’re welcomed to contact us by email, telephone, wechart, skype and other softwares.

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