Application of steel grating in power plant and selection2017-10-11 17:21


Hot dip galvanized steel grating has excellent product quality, reasonable price. We have established a long-term cooperation relationship with a number of power plants. Operating platform board, steel grating aisle (platform), stair treads, trench cover are the main place to use grating.

The steel grate passageway generally does not need to carry too much weight. It only needs to carry a single weight. It can choose 2KN/ square meters. The selected specifications are G203/30/100 and 205/30/100, which are the most economical and practical selection for the steel grating aisle.

The weight bearing of the steel grid plate operating platform and the maintenance platform is at least 4KN/ square meters. The selected specifications are: G205/30/100, G254/30/100 and G255/30/100.

When the staircase treadle has no specific requirements, the general selection is G255/30/100 and G325/30/100.

The type selection of the drain cover plate is based on the size of the trench, the depth of the ditch and the load bearing requirements to determine the specifications of the cover plate.

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