The advantages of the steel grating ceiling2017-08-26 16:19


Now, whether in the large theater, stadium, or in the steel structure workshop, civil construction, made of steel grating board ceiling is more and more popular, the steel grating board with its unique design, beautiful eye-catching visual impact, has been applied and approved more units, the steel gratinig board for large in addition to the appearance of building ceiling advantage, also has some other advantages, such as:

1. The rigid mesh structure of the welded steel grid plate has the characteristics of heavy load bearing, light structure, easy to lift and install.

2, the ceiling surface of steel grid plate by hot dip galvanizing, bright shiny appearance, with anti rust ability is very strong, beautiful and durable;

3, the steel grating ceiling itself has the advantages of ventilation, ventilation, daylighting, heat dissipation, corrosion protection, explosion-proof, self-cleaning and long service life. These are all other decorative ceiling equipment do not have.

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